The Passing of the Incomparable Ms. Sara George

Ms. Sara George at the 2016 WHPDC Holiday Party

County Committee Member Sara George

The West Harlem Progressive Democratic Club is sad to announce the passing of one of our longtime members, the former County Committee Member Ms. Sara George. Ms. George's indomitable spirit, no-nonsense attitude, and and love of a good party will be sorely missed by the Club. Her contributions to our community and her involvement in the civic life of the neighborhood were a testament to her spirit. She was a cooperator and fixture of the community of 626 Riverside Drive, her home of many years, and she will be missed. We will have more information on a memorial if and when it becomes available.

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral will be at Bentas Funeral Parlor, 141 Street on St.Nicholas Avenue; Monday, Oct. 19, 2020.

The viewing is between 10-11am, funeral service is between 11-12pm and the driving to the Evergreen Cemetery is between 12-2pm. There will be no Repast due to the virus.