New County Committee Members appointed at the September 22, 2017 Divisional County Committee for the 70th Assembly District, Part D


 State Senator Brian Benjamin Swearing in the 2017 County Committee Members of the 70th Assembly District, Part D (West Harlem)

Summary of the Divisional County Committee For The 70th Assembly District, Part D
Date of the Meeting: September 22, 2017
Place of the Meeting: 583 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10031

The meeting of the Divisional Committee of New York County Democratic Committee for the 70th Assembly District, Part D was called to order at 7:10 p.m. on September 22, 2017.

Aries Dela Cruz, County Committee Member for the 83rd Election District, was elected to be Chairperson by a unanimous vote.

Neil Douglas Reilly was elected to be Secretary by a unanimous vote.

No other officers were elected.

All vacancies in the County Committee for the 70th AD, Part D, were filled. The County Committee Members for the 70th AD, Part D are as follows:

64 Neil Douglas Reilly
64 Alexandra Mallow
65 Tracey Samuel
65 Carolyn Frasier
67 Adam Wilson
67 Walter South
68 Anita Cruz
68 Gladys Tinsley
70 Michelle Vidals
70 Robel Tekleab
71 Gricel Ortiz-Thompson
71 Kelvin McAllister, Sr.
72 Jacobina Delgado
72 Sharondee Brooks
72 Priscilla Pibernus
72 Matthew Reid
73 Wayne Hayward
73 Derrick Haynes
76 Ann Wilson-Morris
76 Michael Wells
77 Emma Barricelli
77 Rosa Howell
78 Joyce McMillan
78 Leah Miranda Deleon
79 Roxiene Brown
79 Rafael Calvo
80 Janice Lam
80 Altagracia Espinal
81 Eduardo Murillo
81 Luz Murillo
82 Michael Palma
82 Pablo Rosario
83 Barry J. Weinberg
83 Aries Dela Cruz
84 Kurt Karandy
84 Rafael Fernandez
85 Sara George
85 Carmen Neely
90 Saundra E. Saunders Fisher
90 Edwin Torres
99 Arica Mohammed
99 Divya Nair
104 Taylor Shubert
104 Becky Allen
110 Kenneth Miles
110 Marcus T’Hekima


County Committee Members present were then given an oath of office and sworn in by State Senator Brian Benjamin (pictured at the top of post). County Committee Member for the 71st ED was awarded a proclamation by the State Senator for her dedication to the community (pictured below).